Thursday, March 11, 2010

Holy Grail Available: Inner Circle Special

Last week Tom Venuto released a NEW ebook called,  "The Holy Grail Body Transformation System".  I featured it on my blog because I'm a big believer in Tom Venuto.  If you want to understand how to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, there's no one more qualified or more knowledgeable than Tom.

This program teaches you how to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, a goal many people once thought was impossible.

The proven fact is - you CAN gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. But it's more complicated than most people think and you must have EVERY aspect of training, nutrition and lifestyle in place to make it work.

So Tom has finally simplified and demystified the process of gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time in this short (74 pages) new manual.

The public offer expired last weekend. No one outside our inner circle can get the ebook anymore until its re-released officially in its final version several months from now for the regular price (will probably retail for $37-$47 range).

However, if you missed the public offer, there is still ONE way to get your hands on the new Holy Grail ebook:

Tom has VERY generously made this ebook available to his Burn the Fat Inner Circle members at NO extra charge!  It's a limited-time members-only bonus!

You can learn more about the inner circle at: Burn The Fat Inner Circle

When you join the inner circle, the ebook is right there on the home page of the members-only area for you to download.  But this is the last chance ANYONE will have to get the ebook for many months.

For the next several months, Tom is going to be working on a final edition of the ebook, using feedback from hundreds of emails he received from readers, and after working with a group of test "guinea pigs" who are tracking their results for case studies.

So, to get the Holy Grail Body Transformation ebook now before it's gone for a long time, visit the Burn the Fat Inner Circle home page using the link below

Burn The Fat Inner Circle

After you click the link you will be brought to the Inner Circle membership information page that tells you all about what membership has to offer.

After you join, you will be able to access the "Holy Grail" ebook for instant download inside the Private member's only area.

Check out this feedback from Holy Grail readers below:

"My name is Amber. I just finished your newest e-book: The Holy Grail.  I have a graduate degree in Athletic Therapy, a Bachelor's degree in Human Kinetics/Exercise Science, and a diploma in Human Performance.  I loved Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM), and I loved the Holy grail (HG)."

Holy Grail Feedback...

  • Super easy read for anyone (layman or academic)
  • Peppered with the perfect amount of research
  • Nice flow, a great continuation for BFFM, which is the BEST book
  • I have ever read on nutrition
  • Comprehensive
  • Fresh approach to zig-zag method
  • Great Conclusion (p.42), all main points were presented, and all "apply it now" info was readily available
  • I like how you presented research and then educated the reader how not to take all research findings at facevalue, and to dig a little deeper. Example: you presented research in a few areas, then you lead the reader to question research validity, and demonstrated how "experts" can take certain findings from experiments and present them as gospel when there's much more to their findings than what's presented.
  • I love your writing style, it is always consistent and flows makes for an easy read, and I never get bored.
  • You always get down to the point and you are not too wordy--as I find most other nutrition/training books are.
  • You make all principles easy to apply by telling the reader exactly what he needs to know."
More Comments:

"Last night I stayed up late just to read Tom Venuto's new ebook release The Holy Grail: Body Transformation Program. I've met Tom in person (a fellow New Jerseyian) and he really knows his stuff. SERIOUSLY.

In the Holy Grail, he explains how it IS possible to gain muscle AND discard fat at the SAME time. He is a champion natural bodybuilder, author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle and The Body Fat Solution. He doesn't just rely on theory - he lives what he teaches. 

He's also one of the most voracious readers of scientific study after scientific study about health, weight loss, muscle building, body composition and nutrition that I've ever met. Lucky us!  We get the advantage of him distilling all that snore scientific mumbo jumbo information into books that people can understand.  The other great thing I love about Tom is that he doesn't push powders, supplements or sports drinks. It's all clean wholesome food with Soul!"

- Lilla, New Jersey

Join now and grab your copy today!

FREE Holy Grail

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