Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Endogenous Growth Hormone and Fat Loss

Nutrition, fitness, and fat loss expert Lyle McDonald recently wrote an article on growth hormone (GH).  Specifically, he covered the raise in GH after intense exercise and what that means.  Does it mean that we can take advantage of raised GH levels in our quest to burn fat?  Well, sort of.  Lyle, as always, is succinct in answering that question.

When I'm leaning out or providing advice for others when trying to lean down (for summer as an example), I advise to always follow workouts with a slow, low-intensity jog, walk, or ride (a heart rate of about 100).  The intense exercise releases free fatty acids from their fat stores and provides a prime opportunity to 'burn off' those fats.  Thus, the use of low-intensity exercise.  What's interesting is that GH plays just a small, secondary role in this process and Lyle's covers this in this article.  What hormones are mainly responsible for this 'burn off' opportunity?  Read this.

Taking all of this into account...it's still about calories.  Eat less, move more, lose body fat.  Don't make it harder than it really is. 

Until next time...