Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vomit Sunday: Legs & HIIT

I'm about to vomit right now.  Why?  Keep reading.

I decided to change up my leg routine today.  Normally I do some variation of the P90X legs & back workout.  But today I decided to mix some leg work with some HIIT in the form of sprints.  Sprinting 'works' the body on so many different levels and it is an excellent, efficient way to burn body fat, increase HGH, and improve insulin sensitivity.   I created this workout on the fly and initially wanted to complete 5 rounds of 3 exercises, but my body made an adjustment about halfway through the workout.  Without further ado...

Legs & HIIT (total workout time:28 minutes):

5 minute warm-up and stretch: light jog, jumping jacks, and light legs stretches

Repeat below 3 times
  1. 50 lunges (50 yards)
  2. 20 jump-squats (25 yards)
  3. Walk 25 yards followed by 30 second rest
  4. 100 yard sprint
  5. 100 yard walk-back
Repeat below 2 times
  1. 100 yard sprint
  2. 100 yard walk-back
  1. 50 yard sprint
  2. 50 yard walk
  3. 100 yard walk
That's it.  It should take you about 28 minutes to complete this workout and YOU WILL FEEL IT.  If you've gone all out, then you'll feel like throwing up and your legs will thank you by quivering for a good bit after you're done.

(Want a more intense workout?  Add a weighted vest to the mix.)

Give it a try at some point this week and shoot me back a comment in the comments section.  You'll thank me or curse me or perhaps you'll do both.
Until next time..

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