Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There's nothing like Spring!

There is nothing like Spring!  For those of us who don't live in places like Southern California where spring-like weather is an everyday occurrence, spring is thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated.  Mild temperatures, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and bountiful amounts of blooming flowers and trees just scream "COME OUTSIDE, ENJOY ME"!

Since Spring has arrived in Baton Rouge, I've not missed one day to get outside and bike, run, walk, eat, drink coffee, drink beer, cook, or just relax and listen to the birds chirp as the sun rises or sets.

The picture you see above is a sunset at the LSU Lakes in Baton Rouge.  This is where my wife and I love to spend time (with and without the kids) walking, jogging, or just enjoying the sites and sounds (we saw a small alligator last week).

Spring is the PERFECT time to make a decision to get in shape, lose body fat, get your body ready for summer and the beach, and just enjoy God's beautiful creations.  Spring provides you with no excuses!  It's not too cold; it's not too hot.  

Just last night, my wife and I took our 4 kids on a beautiful bike ride to our local market.  We grabbed some water and a variety of meal choices and headed for a pretty area to park our bikes, enjoy our meals, and enjoy each other.  What a great way to get exercise, enjoy a meal, and spend time together!

So what's the point of this post?  GO OUTSIDE!  Enjoy Spring!  There are no excuses.  This is the time to eat right, eat less, move more, get outside and get in shape.

Until next time...

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